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mtcjobtrackerMobile Telecommunication Sector

The mobile telecommunications industry is a large and important sector, generating around US$1.5 trillion of revenue. Today there are seven billion mobile users and over 650 million fixed customers. Hence the mobile telecommunication companies are having a huge impact on today’s economic growth. Our Myteamconnector Job Tracker has a wide scope in this industry. Some of them are listed below:

  • Jobs can be assigned to the sales representatives, hardware engineers etc.
  • The job performance can be tracked and evaluated
  • Jobs can be assigned for collection or verification of customer’s documents
  • The clients can be added for whom the jobs is to be performed. And many more

From the Job Tracker Admin panel the mobile telecommunication companies can manage the following :

    • Addition of employee category : Can categorize the employee of the company like sales representative, technical engineer, hardware engineer, clerk etc.
    • Addition of employee : Can add the employee to whom jobs will be assigned.
    • Addition of customer category : Can categorize the customers like franchise, subscribed users, investors etc.
    • Can add new franchise / subscribed users / investors etc.
    • Assigning Jobs : Jobs can be assigned to the employee of the company, like collection or verification of documents from the subscribed users, delivery of mobile sim to the user, installation of broadband connection for the new users, maintenance of broadband connections, sales promotions etc.
    • Jobs in map : Shows you the job location and the actual employee location in map which is helpful to know the genuinity of your employee.

From the Job Tracker App the

employee can do the following :

    • Jobs allocated to the sales representative, technical engineer, hardware engineer, clerk etc will be listed in their dashboard screen as well as in the map.
    • They will get the job details, user information, for whom the job is to be performed from the app.
    • Once the sales representatives, service person, clerk etc check in into a particular job, the timer will start, which will record the time duration for which he/she has performed the job until he/she checkout from the job.
    • The service person can change a service kind of job into a sales one, if he makes can sales during the service visit.
    • The count and total amount of sales can be entered through the app.

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